Saturday, June 02, 2007

Make it OR Fake it !

News of the day is soon i will be joining the gang of gangsters which are called watch dogs of the country.And might not be able to write the truth behind the screen so just tring to throw out all garbage which is inside, before entering in the real mess.

Right from the begging i was told about ethics in journalism

so many guest lactures

every day tonic from teacher

n... things not end here

it just a starting point, the moment you enter into the industory the whole "ghole kar pilaya hua lacture" seems nothing but an illusion which you cant even imagine in the industory.

before taking you in organisation the first question any authority will ask you, is not-

How ethical you are ?

or not even what can you do for the society !

strait forward, one question :At what cost you can bring out the news?

you just enter in the world and the whole glamour will go off. you came to know that all news chennal which has converted into the entertainment channels now always hunt for the peg in everything what has happen.

Here the most succesful one is not who gives maximum info but the one which can cheat the viewer most !

All your ethics, rules regulation beliefs will vapour when you have to work hours together to filled one P2C in your profile the cut throght copetetion itself teach you, how should a journalist has to work. well i already started the journey so just need blessings and good wishes from u all

hope for me it will take a few more time to become a gangster n make myself believe in the funda of Either make it or Fake it but news must sell...


Me Thinks.. said...

all of us are going thru the same phase but you know what we are finally gonna do... We shall not be part of this selling news race... we will be in the business of genuine breaking news!!!

you know what iam talking abt..

DreamCatcher said...

I hope u dont become like them

nothin.. within said...

@ me thinks: v already jumped into the ocean which is filled with the - kind of people. lets see! ll v all make a differance.
@dreamcatcher: i also wish the same :)

unforgiven said...

From what I last heard, I 'think' journalism did require the ability to spell.

I may be totally wrong but that's an impression I had.

nothin.. within said...

i think u had a wrong impression and u need to change it its not at all like that

unforgiven said...

@nothing: No, I think I'll keep the opinion but I guess to each his own. As long as Microsoft Word exists, we're fine.