Tuesday, August 04, 2009

wounded dreams

No flowery words, no poetic language and no emotional dialogues

it’s just my anger and my anger what i wanna write and wipe off ... may be after puking it all here on this page I can get a sleep tonight.

Just turned the third page of a journal i read to catch gossip and masala everyday! But there was something unusual. I just saw the pic and something clicked! i know this guy. The picture was taken during the Bangalore 10 K and this guy stood 2nd or third in the race. i wasn’t sure but what happen to this athlete who is preparing for commonwealth near Mysore road. In the curiosity and excitement about the red circled face of sunil kumar i went to the 3rd page for detail story but before i could find sunil's photo, my eye balls cached the headline "Teacher gang-raped and killed". The trap formed by an ex student of a school teacher was no different from usual gang-rape stories but i read it three time to convince myself that this particular rapist was really an student of this lady who left alone his husband and two children after the brutal rape and killing. The family is fractured and broken just because the teacher relied on the student and took lift in his car. And i am ashamed, i am a gal reading this in news paper helpless... like every “ABALA” women in this world.

Well.. Sunil Kumar was attacked by some burglars and in an attempt to recover his chain from them he got a stamp on his chest as the burglars run away. Helpless Sunil was bagging to people walking on the street to just help him to reach the hospital, telling them he is an international athlete and he really need to be alive for the upcoming commonwealth game. Forget sympathy and mankind n..this is Bangalore where people never get into trouble for somebody they don’t even know.

Sunil Kumar was bagging to take him hospital, his t-shirt soaked in blood and the sharp knife still on his chest and the school teacher yelling and crying for a help in front of my eyes but like every other Bangalorean I can’t do anything. I am a selfish writing this at midnight just to get away with the thoughts and go get a nice sleep on bed like every Bangalorean who would have done the same every time they would have killed the kind soul of themselves in order to take the selfish human a lead and overshadow the mankind which I doubt still there in us.