Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A clean dirty game!

Date:18 september

Time:10.30 AM

Vanue:Wankhede Stadium,Board of Cricket Control of India

20-30 Camera's on tripod facing the receptionist sitting behind the glass doors of BCCI.

One by one shin shine CRV and Auddie's of selectors arriving at the Macca of Indian cricket and bread and butter of plenty sports correspondents . All five(selectors) surprisingly looked upon the camera's and reporter's faces probably asking isn't it so much for a domestic series IRANY TROPHY.

All have gone inside but eyes of all journalists were waiting for a man whom they call lifesaver and masala maker the "big mouth" and he comes the then secretory Niranjan Shah.

In his typical Gujju accent "Aaj Kya Hai Bhai Aap Log Sab Yanha "

12.30whispering here and there...did u got the list ,ne new name ???fab four are sureC my list is done these 14 are fixed one name can vary..Chalo chalo lagao .. lagao .. ready mera boom! are take mine also Yes Sir Ready..Niranajan Shah ready with the list in hands.The selection committee has selected the following squad for the upcoming Irani Trophy

Anil Kumble (capt),

Sachin Tendulkar,

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wk),

VVS Laxman,

Rahul Dravid,

Wasim Jaffer,

Mohammad Kaif,

Pragyan Ojha,

Zaheer Khan,

Munaf Patel,

Parthiv Patel,

RP Singh,

Ashok Dinda,

Harbhajan Singh


Showing the smartness someone hiding behind the cameras asked Sir ek naam rah gaya Sourav Ganguly.

Sourav Ganguly is not there..

How can it be..

Do you think its the right decision?

You think Sourav's has been axed intentionally?

Is that the end of the road for Sourav The decision has been taken by the selection committee i m not authorized to comment on there behalf. (Diplomatic Answer! when did this man got brain surprise)5 Phonos one by one in every half and hors 3 lives Wat a day for a sports journo (selectors made my day) Big News : Is Dada's Dadagiri Over.8.30 Pm Marine Lines Just done with the Voice at 8 liveFreak!!!ohhh felt like eyelashes kissed each other after long years Was that just the darkness i feel every time when i close my eyes when i sleep when i pray to god when i cry when i take a deep breath to fight the angel inside me.i never believed, but trust me its tough to lie Something deep inside you always pinch, echos and it not only happening with me it happened with all when the gray overshadow the white.

The moment my eyelashes touches each other .. it was some other world !The world of dark... deep so deep, Dark but so clear what an irony !I can see only black dark shadows coming from the darker side of the ME.Pakaau! what the f*** is happening here!!! every shadow is hitting me hard firing questions on me as my Anchors do but unlike always i have no answers for any.

3 Minutes i sleep for ages as my OB Engineer woke me up

"Ma'm 5 min main live hai frame main aaiye"

Beta! why are you looking so sleepy wash your face people will sleep seeing such a tired reporter.

I wish this live would cancel. Enough for today enough for my whole life can we end this.

Injust: M'am r u ok??? you are through Anchor's Name ****** ****

I took a deep breath without closing my eyes.

Hmm Ready Up (thumps up signal to cameraman)




Namaskar Main hoo ****** **** aur aap dekh rahe hai ***** at 9

Its all a bloody dirty game why m i doing this

Hffffff how much time i have?

Injust: 45 seconds

I close my eyes in order to encounter wid the darkness again but this time i saw bloody marine lines, a wonded hand holding a DV tape and a white-red paper of press reliese sucked in the blood of Subhojit(********) who just said to me u r late m'am i going going to feed the byte and didnt come back...

OK m ready let it be a dirty game, i have to do it neways..

beep beep beep beep Arey kya hua??

Injust: your live has been dropped

The silver light on the sea water reflects on my face saying your black can never overshadow my pure Whiteness...How hard you try you can not get rid of those pinches,

A voice echoes" let it be a dirty game "


Cosmos said...

See it has always been like that from years and years. And that's why we took up this.
To get the reality you have to go through each and every part of matter be it black or white.

So chal yaar chill mar ;) ;)

humbl devil said...

kuch bhi nai samjha...
aap samvaad-daataao ki duniya badi confusing hai...hehehe

humbl devil said...

just noticed the blog name again :D
Beyond me!!

nothin.. within said...

i know will not understand u have to b in the field to understand how it is ;)